Photos from Lt Ron Hankin,
XO and CO of India 3/3 Okinawa 1958

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Gene Harrison Paul Bernato Jim Ingram and Ron Hankin

Ron Hankin and Gene Harrison on liberty

Ron Hankin and Jim Ingram on liberty

India 3 3 Driver radio man and runner

John Bowles and Ron Hankin in the NTA

Ron Hankin at White Beach waiting for embarcation

Ron Hankin on Ship

Ron Hankin leading PT on ship

Ron Hankin Bob Rice and troops in Korea

Ron Hankin left leading March out of Korea

Ron Hankin flying his SNJ Texan

Ron Hankin touch and go in his Twin Beech

Hankin Twin Beech in hanger

Jim Ingram Ron Hankin and Paul Bernato in 1999

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