Oceanside Pendleton Nearly 50 Years Later

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City Park Where Walters Was Main Street Looking Toward Star Theatre
Old Normandy Bar Location Next to Movie Meeting Colonel Len Hayes
Lunch Group Jim Mulloy Plate
John, Jim, and Bob Arrive at Margarita View Across the Grinder to Mountains
G-2-5 Weapons and 3rd Platoon Building Door to G-2-5 Weapons Platoon
Sidewalk in Front of G-2-5 3rd Platoon Company Office Huts are Gone, Messhall Around the Corner
Margareta Messhall 500-Yard Line
Down Range from the 500 With Don on Range
With Captain Jim Mulloy on Range Butts
In Butts with 4 Marker With Don in Butts
1st Marine Division Headquarters Building With Jim & Don at 1st Marine Division Headquarters
1st Marine Division Sign and Ribbons Ringing Ships Bell
Bell Close-Up Bell Plaque
Parade Field With Captain Jack Bennett USN (Ret.)
Lands End Site SFO USS San Francisco CA-38 Sign
On Monument Deck Plaque
Framed Photos for Captain Jack 1st Marine Division Logo
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