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I wasn't a part of the Vietnam "Band of Brothers" -- I was before their time.

Looking at many of these links makes me sad and proud. Sad they did not have the political and military support to do their jobs; sad the country did not greet them on their return with the pride they deserved; yet proud to know that in spite of it all they did their jobs under the most difficult of circumstances.

I can only say to them as an American, a Marine, and as a former member of I/3/3; G/2/5 and SvcCo/HqBn/1stMarDiv -- Thank You and God bless you all - living and departed!

And now, our Corps is distinguishing itself again in America´s War on Terror. It is now past my time, but I continue to feel pride from the professional young men and women defending our Nation today. They are America´s finest -- and we must always be sure they know we know it!


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