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ImageHi! I'm Bob Rohrer

Bob in KoreaAge has made me more sentimental and caring about those who had been important in my life. I am especially interested in communicating with those I served with in the United States Marine Corps and friends I worked with in the aviation and motorcycle industries. I cannot replace USMC buddies or those with whom I flew airplanes and raced and rode motorcycles. Yes, time changes people but I am finding some old friends can become new friends again.

Sharing stuff was once cumbersome. Even with a meeting to look at scrapbooks, or exchanging a few photos in the mail, the details were still difficult to convey. Now with the Internet we have instant worldwide communication and a whole new dimension for sharing information.

To my surprise the most response and value of this site has been the many new USMC, Army, Navy and Air Force friends I have made. Guys who served before and after my tour, as well as contemporaries I never had the chance to meet.

It is also fun to share unique frames of reference from our early youth, and this would include life in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey in the 1950's. Those who lived there know how different it was, and I have never been able to explain it to anyone else.

So this is my story in pictures, memories, business experience, personal papers, a listing of the personalities that influenced me, my personal penchants, some important friends, love for my wife Jonnie, and memories of my Father.

I have also included some thoughts from the book I am working on in retirement. It would not present a complete picture to leave out the research that has been such a large part of my life.

With as many as 3,460 visitors a month, and an average of 2,500, this site has now become a successful communications vehicle for making new friends and sharing memories with those I care about -- and those who care about me.

Thank you for visiting.


Robert L. Rohrer
USMC 1551264
1956 - 1962

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