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Bob Rohrer - My Life in Photos

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1943 in the U.S. Navy 1947 with brother John in WWII uniforms 1948 Grade School
1951 on my uncle's tractor 1952 Cape Cod fisherman 1952 Cape Cod fisherman
1954 High School 1955 in my gun room 1955 shooting with buddy, Bob Gannett
1958 at Grand Canyon with the Indians Sandy Robinson 1959 Christmas leave with Mom and Sandy
1960 on leave from USMC in L.A. 1966 Aircraft Radio Corporation 1967 Reading Air Show and my first pilot's license
1968 Pinning ATR wings on Tom Guthrie 1969 Buddy Elgin Davis, First Wife Carolyn and Me in Mexico 1970 Elgin Lee Davis and his wife, Susan
1971 Harvard Business School (2nd from Left - Top Row) 1972 when I met Jonnie, love of my life 1973 in the Mojave Desert
1973 Barstow to Vegas finish line 1974 in the Mojave Desert 1974 Barstow to Vegas finish line
1974 in the lead at Indian Dunes International MX 1974 starting line for Viewfinder Grand Prix 1974 Carlsbad Grand Prix
1974 View Finders Grand Prix 1974 Riverside Grand Prix 1976 Jonnie and Me at the Pebble Beach Lone Pine
1975 University of Southern California 1976 Score/AC Delco World Championship, Riverside Raceway 1977 my Harley Davidson West Coast sales team
1977 at the Mennen's Pebble Beach 1977 OCMC 100 Mile Grand Prix, Riverside Raceway 1978 Harley Davidson 75th Anniversary Ride
1978 with our new Son, Jaron 1979 my Harley Davidson sales team 1980 riding to Daytona for Speed Week
Steven gives Jaron a ride on his Honda 50 1984 business photo 1987 my Verex "Gold Circle" sales performers in Reno
1990 at Brandenburger Tor, Berlin 1991 in Beijing China 1991 in Brussels, Belgium
1994 last business photo 1994 Jonnie and me going to dinner 1998 Son Steve on his boat off San Diego
1997: Our family portrait 1997 Acapulco with family 1999 golf with Jaron at Nags Head, NC
2002 Son Jaron after his UT graduation Reading to My Granddaughter Gracie 2003 dogs Dixie and Nicki
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