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5th Marines Camp Pendleton

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2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division
Sarg T.'s 5th Marine's Regimental Headquarters

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Camp Margareta Entrance 2-5 Company Street
Very first M-14 and M-60 machine gun fire team 5th Marines at Margarita Typical Pendleton Terrain
Amphibious Assault Ship Helicopter LPH-6 Thetis Bay Chopper on the deck of the Thetis Bay
Choppers on the Thetis Bay The back of my head
Chow Time Pfc Stamm
Desert to the Sea Boarding ship
Climbing down the net The 3.5 rocket launcher
The 3.5 rocket launcher in action Corporal Bill Kuntz
Outside our office At my desk
Gunny Allman Window bunk
Junk on the bunk Honorable Discharge
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